Outsourcing in Turmoil: The Impact of Ukraine Invasion

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022 sent shockwaves through the IT industry, as the country had long been a premier destination for outsourcing and remote team augmentation. Ukraine’s highly skilled workforce and competitive labor costs had made it a top choice for companies looking to outsource their IT needs. However, the ongoing conflict has dealt a significant blow to the country’s economy and workforce, making it a less attractive option for companies in search of IT talent.

The invasion has caused a shortage of skilled IT professionals in Ukraine, as many of the country’s top talent has been forced to flee or been conscripted into the military. This has led to increased competition for the remaining workers, driving up labor costs and making it more expensive for companies to outsource or augment their IT teams remotely in Ukraine.


The instability and insecurity caused by the conflict has also made it more difficult for companies to operate in Ukraine. Power and internet outages, as well as difficulties in getting goods and services into the country, have all added to the challenges and costs facing companies that choose to outsource or augment their teams remotely in Ukraine.

The international community’s response in the form of sanctions on Russia and aid to Ukraine has further affected the market. The sanctions have caused Russia’s economy to suffer and affected Russian IT market and companies, which has also made it less attractive for companies to outsource or augment their teams remotely in Russia.

Outsourcing Disrupted: The Ukraine Effect

As a result, many companies are now turning to other countries for their IT outsourcing and remote team augmentation needs, such as India and other Eastern European countries.

The invasion of Ukraine has served as a reminder of the importance of stability and security for the IT industry and has highlighted the need for companies to diversify their outsourcing and remote team augmentation options.