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Remote In-Sourcing & Dedicated Teams

Looking to expand your development team in a cost effective way?

Pragmio creates and operates distributed professional teams that deliver solutions for custom software development, software testing, systems integration, and data processing.

Remote In-Sourcing

Finding the “perfect fit” for your IT positions doesn’t have to be hard.

 Pragmio’s dedicated developers are here to help. Integrating with your software development process at any level, we will work on your product on a daily basis.

Our insourcing options enable you to rapidly enhance your current teams and retain full control over the process.

Remote In-Sourcing is our primary type of service and we do our best to forge and preserve a long-term working relationship with every one of our clients.

Dedicated Development Team

If you’re looking for dedicated developers, growing beyond your local capabilities or have little interest in building a software development department, the Dedicated Development Team is the perfect solution.

This virtual extension of your organization will allow you to leverage vast reserves of highly qualified IT manpower and a robust infrastructure at a highly competitive cost.

Each engagement contract for the dedicated team services is developed according to the client’s requirements to provide the best cost effective solution for any given project.

Working at Pragmio

Are you looking for a new job opportunity or a challenge to reach the next level?

Whether you’re just starting your career, or making a transition, you may find Pragmio to be the right fit for you.  Diversity makes our work better. At Pragmio, we are committed to building a rich, vibrant, and inclusive community.

We’re always on the lookout for inspiring talent, come join us and never dread the start of the working week again!

Why Pragmio is a Smart Choice


Brings together people with various qualifications and specializations.


Integrated with your internal teams and infrastructure.


As the team grows it achieves maximum productivity with the right size, knowledge and skills.


The same team of people working only on your project.

Our Expertise

PHP Developers
Java Developers
.Net Developers
Front-end Developers
iOS Developers
Android Developers
HTML5 Developers
Python Developers
AngularJS Developers
Node.js Developers
C/C++ Developers
Magento Developers

Your Benefits

We value the reputation and client relationships we have built. We stand above our competitors with our mission to become our clients’ partner in their success.

  • Flexible team size
  • Custom recruitment
  • Skilled developers
  • Direct communication
  • Consulting services
  • Transparent business model
  • All-round support
  • Tell us Your Needs

    You can start small with one developer.

  • Interview Developers

    We can follow your recruitment process or use our own.

  • Hire the Best

    We do as many interviews and tests as you need to identify the right developers for your company.

  • Start Working

    Workspace, payroll, HR & retention, IT and other support is on Pragmio!

Why Us?


Perfect Process –  Since the moment our company was founded back in 2011 we stepped on every rake in the garden. As a result, we now have a solid bulletproof recruiting process that guarantees quality and timely results for our clients.

Europe and US Presence – We meet you where you are. We have presence in both Europe (Poland) and the United States (New York).

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